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We’re working on something really exciting!

The bad news is we’re moving the date of Common Ground to the fall.

The GOOD news is…

More details to follow. Follow us on Facebook to keep up to date!

Please stay tuned and thanks for your understanding

“Let the 21st century be a century of tolerance and dialogue.”

– Dalai Lama


Common Ground is an interfaith event to promote dialogue and communication and will bring together unique groups of people and instead of underscoring differences, we’ll validate diversity.

Religious disparity can lead towards hostility, anger and exclusivity. Terrorism and global violence is often fuelled by a demonization of the other – other sexes, other races, other orientations, other cultures, and the global economic gap.

This event is not about conversion. It’s about conversation. It’s about change.
Join us as Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Jews listen to one another speak to issues in an inclusive way.

Be there March 31 at World Vision Canada for this wonderful opportunity to learn, grow and celebrate our common ground together.

“Canada is uniquely placed to protect and promote religious freedom worldwide. Ours is a pluralistic country of many cultural heritages and religions. But Canadians and people around the world share a common humanity.” – John Baird

Portrait_Gandhi“The need of the moment is not one religion, but mutual respect and tolerance of the devotees of different religions.”

– Mahatma Gandhi



World Vision Canada Headquarters in Mississauga

World Vision Canada
1 World Drive
Mississauga ON L5T 2Y4


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